There’s a fascinating book called The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind by Gustave Lebon. Written in 1896 the author makes critical reference to the French Revoloution and the demands of Socialism and Communism. He says:

By the mere fact that men form part of a crowd engaged in action, their collective psychology differs essentially from their individual psychology, and their intelligence is affected by this differentiation. We have seen that intelligence is without influence in collectivities, they being solely under the sway of unconscious sentiments.

Every time I see a politician speak, every time I see believers proclaim themselves of the tribe, I see this enacted. All parties are the same. However the so called Right is demonised and attacked in a particular fashion which the so called Left escapes. We want equalite, liberte, fraternite they say, whereas the Right want a status quo of hierarchy and injustice. Not content with mob simplification, the Left extend their project into language. You have a phobia if you don’t agree with this, you’re not “progressive” if you don’t agree with that. You are a simpleton is a possible retort. They tell you how to think trapping you in utopian ideas which have never materialised and never will. What does materialise with the Left is what matters. As I write the police have identified three hundred more pimp, rape, pedophile Rotherham suspects two of whom are apparently employed by the Labour council with their policy of “cultural sensitivity” which enabled the behaviour contrary to ethics, responsibility, and the law.

I’ve seen the Left applaud recent politics in Greece when they are close to bankrupt. I read “the Labour Party is an early 20th century institution trying to solve 21st century problems” which is part of the problem. Another part is the collectivism of the Left evident in the term solidarity. As with religion there’s an opposite. I’ve experienced this personally how you are demonised as an enemy if you don’t subscribe to their beliefs. Facts and reason count for nothing. “I know what you’re like” an odious chap said to me, then ignored what I was saying, attacked me for saying it, finishing with “stay away from me”. As Lebon says, intelligence is without influence in collectivities, they being solely under the sway of unconscious sentiments.

Walkers refer to the character building benefit of hill walking and sense of freedom. I’m specific on that matter. I walk the hills (partly) to escape collectivism and the dumbness you find therein. I am not a number, says Patrick McGoohan. The man controlling him in The Prisoner watches and laughs because he knows, as with Orwell’s Winston Smith, he is trapped and powerless. The Left says you are powerless and should find power in a mob. That doesn’t change the fact that you are being determined by material outer circumstance. Lebon says:

The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste…Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master.

This was the view below the Gyderau after I’d climbed Devil’s Kitchen above Llyn Idwal. I’m not sure of the name of these hills but you find Snowdon to the left. It was a good walk. I found a route which I undertook as a schoolboy. It was my third attempt to find it. I wanted to reconnect with the moment, spanning across the years, affirming me in the mountains.


Snowdonia Clouds

Tuesday June 23, 2015