Coniston doesn’t capture my imagination. I’ve climbed the hill a few times and it was never memorable. I don’t like the copper mine approach with the slate tracks and steel cables. The village somehow doesn’t have the Lake District feeling as if it’s an outlying place like Kentmere, Hawkshead, or Haweswater. I’ve walked down to the lake several times and never wanted to explore it. It’s not very interesting.

None of that matters in regard to photography. I took this photograph over ten years ago and don’t remember the walk or where this is. I do have some memory of standing here taking the shot thinking the orange sky was the point of it. It was late afternoon when the sun might appear below the clouds offering brief illumination. There was no radiance across the snow however, which is what wanted. I discarded the shot for that reason. I waited about twenty minutes. As you can see, it’s a fine photograph.

The better Coniston approach is from the Three Shires Stone at the Hardknott Pass. Wetherlam, Swirl How and Great Carrs are worth visiting, with backward views to the Langdale Pikes and a distant view to Fairfield and Helvellyn. There is however a youth hostel in the copper mine area directly below the Old Man which I’ve considered for winter. I think it was formerly used for miners. I don’t like camping in the cold and snow when it’s dark at four in the afternoon. Winter is a time for the cosy indoors, a good cooked breakfast, evening pub, preferably with an open fire..


Coniston in Winter

Saturday June 27, 2015