When I first started really enjoying the Lake District I kept a record of my trips. After a few years it was pointless because I went there so often. I’ve stood here at Great Gable innumerable times. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, I’ve been there. It’s a marvellous and iconic location.

There are variant routes from Wasdale, Borrowdale, or from some other place as part of an extended walk. The Lake District is particularly good for wild camping, with scenic connecting routes. My favourite day walk up to Gable starts at Seathwaite. You can incorporate Base Brown or not; it’s worth doing a few times but after that the additional effort seems unnecessary.

The finest part of the walk is along a ridge with exceptional Lake District views to Ennerdale. It was one of my very early walks and for some years I couldn’t remember where it was. That was the time when I gazed from the high places and had no idea where I was looking or what the hills were called.

I initially looked through books by Rob Talbot, Poucher and others, weighing up my impressions and aiming for the highest and best walks. Great Gable would have been one of my first although I don’t remember it.

The hill in the far distance is Illgill Head. Great End and the Scafells are to the left. About two thirds up, in the centre, you see the tiny glint of Burnmoor Tarn. If you spend an extended time at Wasdale or Eskdale and want a change or a break from walking, or perhaps the weather is dull, it’s worth making a trip to the coast about thirty minutes away.


Lake District Photography: Wastwater from Great Gable

Wednesday July 8, 2015