For several years Eskdale was my favourite Lake District valley. I stayed in a guest house at Boot, the Outdoor Centre at Eskdale Green, and numerous times at Penny Hill Farm. The walking opportunities are extensive. Most notable is setting off from Brotherilkeld and climbing to Great Moss and the Scafells. High Gait Crags leads to Bowfell and Crinkle Crags, Eskdale is a short drive to Wasdale, or you may wish to explore the other side of the valley such as this hill which is Harter Fell.

This was a remarkable moment. I was staying at Penny Hill Farm, resting after a hard day’s walking. It was early evening. I looked outside the bedroom window and saw this orange light. I ran to my car and sped up and down the valley seeking a good vantage point. My mind was racing. Where could I go? Climb up a hillside? Speed up the road to Hardknott Roman Fort? There wasn’t time for it because the light, I knew from experience, was momentary.

It lasted five minutes then was gone. In the hills I’d have found a better viewpoint. I was pleased however to capture this shot. Moments like this are rare wherever you experience them.


Orange Harter Fell

Wednesday July 29, 2015