My greatest photographic project is of mountains. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, Lake District, Wales, Peak District, Scotland, Alps, Pyrenees. Each area is a subsidiary project and the time span more than ten years.

It’s been very satisfying photographing nature areas such as here which is Chorlton Ees. I call the four year project Chorlton Meadows (which are nearby) because I like the name. I have shots of Chorlton Meadows and neighbouring locales. It’s more of a nature project than the mountains, with repeated visits to one place for the purpose of photography. That’s different from traversing hills and mountains which abroad, certainly, I might only do once.

I’ve photographed this winding path a few times and each shot is different. The interest here lies with the rosebay willowherb: an effect I’d not seen before.


Chorlton Ees and Constant Nature

Friday August 7, 2015