This is a view near Pott Shrigley in the Peak District, as you drive to the Goyt Valley. I’ve stopped here numerous times for video and photographs. I could see the potential but it needed good light for a beautiful picture. I’ve finally got it.

The morning in Manchester was bright and warm. The skies were increasingly grey as I traveled to the Peak District. Normally I find that very depressing because it is sunlight which inspires me to walk and photograph. I felt differently on this occasion, with an appetite for open space exercise regardless.

Before the day was uniformly grey there was, however, sunlight floating across these soft hills which is the effect I wanted. Several times I’ve thought to myself, written too, that the Peak District is comparable to Tuscany in Italy. I don’t doubt there’s architecture, wine, food, women and art which embellish the Tuscan experience. Sunshine too, which is paramount for landscape photography.

Tuscany is different to the Peak District, more elongated and expansive and warm, but the notable photographs always show good light. With good light, as here, Peak District aesthetics are comparably lovely.


Summer and Peak District Light

Sunday August 9, 2015