There’s one factor which detracts from this lovely location. If the air is still you and you’re here long enough you will hear the Snowdon railway in the distance behind you. There’s undoubtedly some value for the railway. Frail or elderly people can enjoy a marvellous trip for which they are otherwise incapable. My Mum did it some years ago with one of her sisters.

Apart from that, my feelings are negative. Tourist trips are no doubt fun but if people are capable of an easy climb of a few hours – up beside the railway line from Llanberis – it would be better if they walked. None of which really addresses the point of it, which is commerce. I don’t know the price of the train but it’s very expensive, and the cafe at the top is not exactly corner shop retail.

As you see it is, regardless, a very lovely place here below the Glyders and above Llyn Idwal. Snowdonia is less shapely than the Lake District and the rocky features less attractive. There are some exceptions however, and this is one of them.


Pool to Pen Yr Ole Wen Panorama

Wednesday August 12, 2015