I was disappointed with Corsica. It’s hard and rocky, which I found exhausting, and not nearly as photogenic as the Pyrenees. Views are sprawling with not much to grasp onto compositionally. Not everywhere, and I have shots I’m pleased with, notably of Paglia Orba and Ritondu.

It’s a very beautiful island but not in relation to the mountain walking; not when compared to the Pyrenees or for example the Alps. My final train journey to Bastia cut through the heart of the rocky countryside and was delightful. Walking there, I knew, was another matter.

Naturally this concerns personal feeling and if you like scrambly, rocky rough stuff you will like Corsica. This view is at the perimeter of the island, as opposed to the heart of the mountains, where I’m still enjoying the sea.


Corsica Rock

Friday September 11, 2015