This is a typical GR20 moment for photography. Not quite satisfactory but it’s the best you can find. I wonder to what extent you could walk around the coastline of Corsica, enjoying sea views and the relatively tame walking towards the edge of the island. The GR20 is the well known route but there are others, notably the Coast to Coast walks north and south traveling east to west or vice versa.

I met a British party early on my trip who were delightfully friendly and fun. We passed once or twice this day, from Calenzana to refuge d’Ortu di u Piobbu. I stopped for water, they went ahead. They stopped to sunbathe on a distant rock, I didn’t. I stopped for video and photographs, they caught me up and took the lead again.

I had a pleasant evening at d’Ortu. There was a terrace outside overlooking the slope where I’d pitched my tent with a sea outlook. Two more British people were there. Young lads trying to rush the GR20 as a bet, they were good fun, telling us they had only packed cous cous for meals. They were carrying a huge weight but were still faster than me. I told them the Cirque de la Solitude was closed; they didn’t know. We discussed the two alternatives. There was a new route traversing above the Cirque, or a bus and short walk option. My brother didn’t do the Cirque, one of them said, so we could complete the bet by missing it.


Corsica Tree and Sea

Sunday September 13, 2015