It would be nice to spend a few weeks in Corsica pursuing sea view photography. I got a few shots, such as here, but they’re not especially distinctive. It’s the sea which I found particularly attractive but the GR20 leaves it after a few days, gives you a few lingering glimpses, then returns only at the end. You could spend hours at this place for example searching for a good outlook. Then there’s the light, which is often the principle feature of a good shot.

The day here is Carozzu to Haut Asco. The view is roughly towards Calvi. When I arrived at Asco I met again with the British party and the Irish chap. We had a pleasant dinner with talk about Scotland, for example, which I enjoyed. Earlier too, why did the GR20 begin, one of them said. I thought it was for tourist reasons, I said. A book gave us the answer and apparently (hence the question) the Monte Rosa tour was originally a working route. We joked about my watch, a cheap Casio model, which the Irish chap also had. Argos? I said. In the Pyrenees last year a Spanish chap joked that it was the cheapest watch in Europe. He had one too. That was at Refuge Arremoulit.

I can’t remember my dinner except that it was a cheese dish. It wasn’t entirely satisfactory because there was neither salad nor vegetables. Then we finished, going back to tents and rooms respectively. You use the refuge facilities when you camp. Brushing my teeth, one of them walked past and said good night. Mmmmm, I said. He was from New Zealand but settled in Scotland. Intending to go back to New Zealand, he told me a few days later, after perhaps two years.

The British party had decided to climb Monte Cinto the following day. I thought I might, but would decide tomorrow. Other people were taking the bus connection avoiding the closed Cirque de la Solitude. The Quebec girl, and the two Dutch ladies. Walking on my own, I get torn with indecision when that happens. The mountains are one matter but who might be there, and at the refuge evening, is another. Sometimes it’s easy to splice with other walkers but other times, often because of language, it’s not.


Corsica Photography: Sea Views

Monday September 21, 2015