I don’t remember taking this shot. I don’t recall where it is. Given the huge number of mountain photographs I’ve taken, that’s a surprisingly unusual situation. In the Alps, Pyrenees, Scotland, Lake District, Wales, Peak District – I usually have a good if not intimate memory of my photography. That’s how I was feeling. This is where I was walking. Later in the evening another moment occurred or I met this person, that person, or another, or none.

In the Pyrenees two years ago I mostly walked the Spanish GR11. At the end of my trek I crossed the border and returned to France and the landscape changed. It’s lovely being exposed to these situations and the impression they convey. One moment you’re in the granite area above Benasque which is harshly beautiful, slightly barren. One hour later the view is green, soft, rounded, like the Lake District.

This was a similar moment, relatively soft after predominant hardness. I don’t remember specifically where it was but looking at photographs before and after, that’s the effect.


Corsica GR20 Photography

Wednesday September 23, 2015