This is about the best view when I climbed up to Monte Cinto in Corsica – although I didn’t get there. For most people that would be a huge disappointment. I wasn’t bothered. I stopped thinking about attaining the peak and shifted the focus of the day. I’m here for the views. This is a good one. Summits, in any case, are not always photogenic. Cinto is to the rear of this view, which is looking back towards Haut Asco.

I stopped about here to have a late lunch. Mostly bread and cheese. I met the British party returning from Cinto. About three hours ahead of me, they’d set of earlier and hadn’t got lost like me. Did you have a nice birthday, I asked. One of them was thirty that day. Wine at the top. We discussed food. Is the bread acceptable? Yes, acceptable was the word for it. Not fresh, from the little shop at Haut Asco, bot not too bad. I have some cheese if you want it. No thanks I said, I have some. They went down, I went up. Think of me two hours from now, when you’re drinking your beer.

The day actually got worse. An hour later visibility was reduced to about a hundred feet. We saw the cloud come together, they said, from below. We started to get worried. There was a slight spattering of rain. Navigation wasn’t impaired – I could see two or three paint flashes ahead of me – but nothing more. It was an extremely rough day. When I got back to Haut Asco my legs were painfully stiff.


Climbing Monte Cinto

Saturday September 26, 2015