The Cirque de la Solitude is the established GR20 route from Haut Asco which is about two hours below. Monte Cinto, highest mountain in Corsica, tuns off to the left if you take that route. The Cirque de la Solitude was closed this year because of weather damage, and five people died, and my impression is there will be a permanent change. Paddy Dillon, writer of the Cicerone guide book, was going to Corsica in September to investigate. He didn’t say as such, but I conversed with him on the internet and suspect his book will now change.

I like sandals for much of my walking. I’ve used them for six backpacking trips in the Pyrenees, and use them as much as I can in Britain. If it’s warm I use sandals. I’m not bothered if it rains and my feet are wet. Keeping your feet dry is for me an irrational fixation. I will say however, for my summer trip to Corsica 2015, my sandals were battered and broken and need replacing. That never happened in the Pyrenees because of one trip and gives you an idea how rough Corsica is.


Corsica GR20 Views: Climbing Cinto

Wednesday September 30, 2015