I first walked the Pyrenees in 2009 if you forget my first trip, 2007, when I stayed at a hostel. I had a few unsatisfactory day walks and nothing more. A few years later I’d forgotten the first day in 2009 from Lescun to Refuge Arlet. I couldn’t connect with my photographs. I had no feeling for them, and for that reason those pictures became very poignant. I’d been there and wanted to feel myself there. I went back in 2014 and reconnected.

Memory and imagination connect to mountains, and photographs assist. We eventually leave the mountains but remember the experience. To sustain and fortify us when we’re back (in my case) in the horrors of the city.

I initially had no idea where I’d taken this and a few other nearby shots. Working on my pictures at home I discovered another, alongside it, with small hikers walking top right. I zoomed in and discovered it was two of the British party.

I can’t quite connect with the moment but now have some feeling for the day, walking from Carozzu to Haut Asco.


Walking the GR20: Mountains of Corsica

Friday October 2, 2015