I like this kind of shot. It consists of textures and detail and only muted colours. It was the end of the day after my attempted climb of Monte Cinto. I descended through cloud.

I camped at Haut Asco for two nights. For the second night, after this walk, I had another pleasant dinner with the British party. The meal was quite good. There’s a restaurant at Haut Asco and a small shop for basic provisions. It’s a ski resort with a road connection, not an isolated mountain location. You lose ambiance, gain convenience, food, and comforts.

After years of wild camping I’m finding food deprivation increasingly unattractive. You necessarily wild camp on a long trek but in Britain, I’m finding I really enjoy a comfortable valley tent (thick mattress, good coffee, hot shower) with day walks. I love waking in the hills. The thrill has, however, lessened over the years and I also love waking on a camp site. Even the simple addition of a camp chair makes a huge difference. You sit comfortably for breakfast.

I tried dehydrated meals in Corsica for the first time. They’re not bad – vegetable curry and soya shepherd’s pie – but the flavour is muted and unsatisfying.


Low Cloud Over Corsica

Monday October 5, 2015