This is the view from Auberge U Vallone up to Refuge Tighettu towards the left. Aiming right, you walk towards Monte Cinto and the route across to Haut Asco. Two of the British party had come that way. I met them the moment they came down to Vallone and they seemed fresh and sprightly, not exhausted as I would have been, and not bothered by the roughness of the route. It had taken them eight hours.

I walked up here in the afternoon. There’s a pretty river and after twenty minutes you see Tighettu on the distant hillside. The established GR20 route is from Haut Asco, across the Cirque de la Solitude, finishing at Tighettu. The next day you would come down here and pass Vallone before continuing to Castel di Vergio.

It’s an attractive place. Hard and rough, but with trees and indeed a forest below Vallone. I gazed up here thinking I’d like to have walked that area.


Auberge U Vallone Towards Tighettu

Sunday October 11, 2015