Bocca Di Foggiale is the high point between Auberge U Vallone and Castel di Vergio. It’s 1962 metres or 6437 feet. It took me two and a half hours to get here. I walked some of the way with one of the army doctors I met, but then he went ahead when I was too slow. Or he was too fast. Either way, our pace was different.

The high cols are the highlights of a long trek where you cross ground rather than reach the peaks. If you want to climb mountain summits you have to add extra time and effort.

After this it was largely downhill, after a traverse across to Refuge de Ciottolu di I Mori. I stopped at the refuge for food and drink, wondering if I might stay there. Even for me however, it was too early in the day for stopping. I also decided it was not an especially attractive place to camp and sleep. The views were good but it felt a little cold and inhospitable.

The guardian too was obviously tired of his job, taking no pleasure in making yet another coffee for a passing walker. I never thought it was me he was reacting to. I did however discuss him with the Austrian chap a few days later who’d had a similar experience. Generally the staff working at mountain huts are hospitable and pleasant. In 2013 in the Pyrenees, a French lady was making an announcement at Refuge Ayous. Something about the meal and how we had to clear away after it. Her tone was pleasant, her voice enjoyable, and the French chap sat next to me shouted out chanson! – now let’s have a song from you!


Bocca Di Foggiale

Wednesday October 14, 2015