You can climb Paglia Orba from the nearby refuge. It involves three and a half kilometres and a six hundred metre climb which is around two thousand feet. Many Snowdonia hills are about that height, starting from sea level. The hut is already at nearly two thousand metres.

I wasn’t tempted because parts of it are rough, and other parts require scrambling my book described as “a little more serious than that encountered on the toughest parts of the GR20.” The climb was described as “a considerable challenge.” I’m good at that stuff, but didn’t like the unremitting roughness of Corsica.

This moment, walking downhill and looking back, was one of the most photogenic opportunities of my walk. If you look on the far right you see the slope leading down to the col where I’d come from, which I’d climbed up to from Auberge U Vallone. Ten minutes later all this was obscured in a white out.


Corsica Photography: Paglia Orba

Sunday October 18, 2015