I’ve been reading about Kandinsky again. I read his book On the Spiritual in Art many years ago. His explorative abstract style is quite interesting. There’s no obligation to duplicate reality. He sought an essence freed from incidental accuracy. That is, the surface we see is not what’s valuable.

Photography is interesting in this respect as part of wider aesthetics, because the basis for it is contrary. Going back to Daguerre, Fox Talbot, and ever since, photography rests on the fact of an external reality and how to capture it.

An abstract shot like this moves toward the above. It’s generic, tied to a particular place only if I tell you about it.

I enjoyed this descent from Paglia Orba and Refuge de Ciotullu di I Mori. The cloud initially filled a vast area to the right, spilled across the path and covered it, then I descended into it here. You feel yourself vanish when this happens, alongside the disappearing rock.


Corsica Photography: Below Paglia Orba

Friday October 23, 2015