Castel di Vergio, the night before, was mixed. I met with the Austrian chap again and together with the British party, had a pleasant meal. The restaurant was superbly situated with glass windows overlooking a vast view. I used the hot shower adjoining the dormitory room of the party, pleasant after days of cold water. The camping area was a barren field, not pleasant, and a German couple placed their tent irritatingly close to mine, unnecessary given the space available. Their talk, laughter and occasional snoring kept me awake.

We discussed The Godfather at dinner. I said it was one film which is better than the book, which I read a few years ago. R, to the right of me, said she’d never seen it. I haven’t got anyone to watch it with, she said. I didn’t know what to say. Sharing a good film does indeed enhance the pleasure. She’d lent me her battery charger. I didn’t have one.

It was a good walk from Castel di Vergio to Refuge Manganu. Initial forest section, lovely area at the top with sea views again, beautiful lake half way. I met with the British again at Bergeries de Vaccaghja. This view here is looking back to Paglia Orba in the centre and the more distant Mone Cinto. It was the first nostalgic view I’d had, gazing back across geography and time.


Corsica GR20: Paglia Orba and Cinto

Monday October 26, 2015