This was a wonderful location and this was the best photographic outlook. The blue skies appeared only as I was setting off, after resting, for Refuge de Manganu. I sat for lunch the other side of the lake and the skies were leaden.

You pass through areas in the Pyrenees easily accessible for day walks. In the Marcadau valley for example you find families, couples and casual strollers with picnics. Lac de Gaube is the same. It’s astonishing when you make such effort to reach these places, seeing how they are a car drive for others. Your experience isn’t diminished because of this. It would however be utterly marvellous having access for an easy day or weekend. A few years ago I met a Spanish chap living in Pamplona near the Pyrenees, who spent a great deal of time in the mountains. We were at Parzan. He was undertaking, like me, a section of a long distance route.

I didn’t see anything comparable in Corsica. Toward the end of my walk I met two Swiss ladies who told me it’s not unknown for people to go missing in the Corsica mountains, dying and not found. They’re not hugely wild but they are rougher mountains than the Pyrenees and if you walk the GR20 you stay there for long periods of time. I think that’s also true of the far east part of the Pyrenees but I’ve not been there.

It needs some effort to enjoy Lac du Ninu. When you arrive, you relax as if it’s easy.


Corsica Photography: Lac du Ninu

Saturday October 31, 2015