I was in my tent at Refuge de Managanu, watching the British party depart. I’d not had breakfast. Few tents were remaining in the camping area. Breakfast at a Pyrenees refuge means you eat at a certain time. It’s a better system in Corsica. You order it the night before and your bread, jam, sachet of coffee is in a plastic box to collect when you want it. I was the last person to leave. It was after ten thirty which is very late for a mountain walk. A party of hunters had arrived at the hut, drinking coffee and talking. There are wild boar in Corsica.

The morning was cold and the cloud was down. You could see very little. I prefer to leave early, like everyone else, at seven or eight at the latest. It doesn’t however suit my rhythm. It’s the same at home. I don’t like forcing myself out of bed for an early drive to Snowdonia or the Lake District.

I survived the day which was uncomfortable and dangerous. My book refers to “awkward slabs, boulders, gullies, and short scrambles” with constant reference to rock, stones, and roughness. Corsica is a sharp, jagged place and not my favourite kind of experience. This shot illustrates it very characteristically. It is, I thought at the time, a very fine photograph but I hadn’t enjoyed the walking.


Corsica Photography: Lac du Renosu

Monday November 2, 2015