I got lost at the beginning of my walk up Ritondu. I did nothing which contradicted instructions. The problem was, and I’ve seen this before, you don’t have enough information. Cross the river near the hut. I did that. There was a path with cairns. Twenty minutes later the terrain didn’t correspond to the words and I decided, here we go again, this was now part improvisation.

The directions weren’t difficult because of a huge rock gap you had to aim for. It wasn’t the correct route however and I climbed rough slopes, cursed thick spiky bushes, scrambled over boulders. It wasn’t too bad. I’ve done worse. When I came down again however I found the correct paths, and they were delightful. I crossed back over the same river at a different location, also near Petra Piana.


Corsica Photography: Climbing Ritondu Panorama 2

Sunday November 15, 2015