There’s an area in Snowdonia, north of Betws-y-Coed, described as a Welsh Lake District. Some parts of the Pyrenees are similar, one area called the Nouvielle Lakes. I was there a few years ago. A few days ago, I was looking at a book about the Italian lakes. I wondered if I have a tourist holiday, I might go there. It would however be very expensive.

I remember my joy when I first started camping: that I’d found something cheaper and better. In summer especially you don’t want to go inside a guest house at six or seven in the evening. Nor did I (I realised) like the regimented breakfast time, sitting with eight thirty strangers. It was socially pleasant, but at that time I’m not ready for it.

I digress. It all mixes up beautifully, when you take a rucksack and tent into the mountains.

The most beautiful lake I saw on the GR20 was Lac du Ninu. It’s surrounded by a grassy area you reach after hours of walking. Lac du Rotondu, or the Corsican Lavu Bellebone, is easier to reach. The walking is tougher but the distance less.


Corsica Photography: Lac du Rotondu

Tuesday November 17, 2015