Rotondo is a beautiful mountain and this day was one of the best. I hadn’t planned to climb here but was glad I did.

One of the pleasures was looking back where I’d come from, leaving Manganu for Petra Piana, and getting a sense of what I’d missed. That day was awful with cloud, mist, rain, and slippery sharp rock.

People describe the mountains as moody when the cloud’s down and the sun disappears. Yes, I said in the Pyrenees a few years ago, a bad mood. We were walking a hard section of the High Level Route.

I like sunshine. If Britain had good weather I would take constant trips up to Scotland. It’s a constant battle against Scottish weather, and in summer the midges are unbearable. It’s a constant battle with Lake District and Snowdonia weather, although less so.

I don’t know if it’s a common feeling but when I wander the hills and mountains, I connect with carefree boyhood. Those long summers, seemingly forever, shorts and tee shirt in the sun. Cricket in a garden, sitting beside a pond, bike ride through farm field roads, when small things were so large. I don’t remember those moments as I walk but later think, yes, this is much the same.


Monte Rotondo: Corsica Mountains

Sunday November 29, 2015