It felt strange setting off from Petra Piana because I’d stayed there for three nights. I arrived there from Manganu, took a rest day, then climbed Rotondo. I liked it there. I’d have been happy with another day or two with restful mornings, day walks, food from the little shop, cooked in the kitchen, and sunbathing.

This was however a pleasant walk with a good path not a boulder field or scree. This is looking roughly north east with Petra Piana beyond to the left and Onda hidden a few hours away on the right.

I was staggering when I arrived at Onda. That’s not unusual for me but I didn’t expect it for this day. I’d eaten a decent amount of food, or so I thought, but mountain meals are never enough. It was a struggle descending the little hill to the camp site. I had crisps, peanuts and iced tea in the restaurant. The man asked me where I’d come from. He probably thought I’d come a long way, which I hadn’t.

I found a place for my tent and laid in the sun, unmoving for an hour. My hat covered my face. More people arrived on the field having walked longer and further than I had. Where’s my boys a young lady said, enjoying herself, throwing down her rucksack. Her boys were there later. A group of five or six mostly lone walkers had formed a party.


Corsica GR20: Petra Piana to Onda

Friday December 11, 2015