Sea views are how I started and finished my GR20 trip. This is roughly looking backwards to where I’d come from. I discussed Corsica with a few people before I left. One said she liked it very much, another said it was lovely. Neither of them had walked the mountains. They are however beautiful from a distance.

Corsica would make a pleasant seaside holiday. I was in Calvi for a few days and had my first experience of the Mediterranean. I don’t remember Grecian seas being so warm. I’ve been to Crete six times, Skyros twice, and visited Mykonos, Tinos, and probably one or two more islands I forget. The island character of Corsica is one of its attractions.

I had a rare good meal at Onda such that I would enjoy at home. Soup, a slab of cheese and spinach lasagne, bread, cake, an apple and more cheese. My stomach was pleasurably full. Opposite me was a tall East European lady who had made friends with a group of Americans. On her right there was a masculine looking French lady, friendly and vivacious with the French chaps to my left. I thought they were together but decided she was walking alone.

The Americans and the tall lady were moving fast, doubling up days, with spare energy sufficient for evening laughs. They pitched too close to me which immediately put me on edge. Here we go again. Around ten o’clock they went to sleep, perfectly polite, but tent zips woke me too early in the morning.


Corsica GR20: Petra Piana to Onda 2

Saturday December 12, 2015