I enjoyed this valley, and considered how photogenic it was and how pleasant to get such shots. Unlike the Pyrenees, there aren’t many beautiful mountain valleys in Corsica. It’s rougher and less distinct. It’s a joy descending to Bujaruelo for example, which I’ve done twice, and walking the Esera valley down to Benasque. I was remembering such moments walking here in Corsica. On my first day, from Calenzana, I was comparing the land to Crete.

Mountains give you the best experience but there are other delights in good walking terrain. On Skye, a few years ago, it was a joy to drive down to Glen Brittle and camp beside the sea. When I go to the Rhinogs in Snowdonia I like to read and sunbathe on the beach.

My first wild outdoor experience was on Crete. I wandered along the beach and discovered a delightful little gorge. I did the same the following day and became lost. People die on Crete because the sun is so fierce. I found a remote taverna and communicated, I hoped, that I was in trouble and needed help. They finished their ouzo, crude meat dish and chat, offering me a ride on the back of their truck an hour later.


Corsica GR20: Above Vizavonna

Monday December 14, 2015