There used to a small English settlement at Vizavonna, not far from here, where you find the remains of what was once a splendid large house. I talked with two Swiss ladies who told me there was a plan to renovate the house, but someone ran away with the money.

Les Cascade des Anglais is about an hour from here. It’s a large, open, rocky area with river flows, waterfalls and pools. There were at least fifty people there with towels, food, drink, and swimwear. I was exhausted but it was idyllic. I noticed how happy they were laughing, smiling, swimming.

I think les vacances are enjoyed more in France than in Britain. Corsica was historically influenced by France and Italy. If you live in France, Spain too, you have easy access to wonderful places in a different league to the Lake District or Scotland. I love British hills but loathe British weather.

I like this shot. The swelling rough rock contrasts with the trees, the sun is shining, and there are interesting shadows at the top suggesting the drama of untamed grandeur beyond.


Corsica Photography: Valle Cascade des Anglais

Tuesday December 15, 2015