I didn’t think there was much more to see at Chorlton Meadows, or rather Chorlton Ees which is the area here. It’s a ten minute drive, fifteen or twenty in bad traffic, which is very little. It is not however a walk from my door which means weeks pass and I’m not there. I might cycle or drive to Sainsburys and stroll instead around Platt Fields Park. A five minute drive to Chorlton Water Park, or ten minutes to the River Mersey. I have several habitual walks and for the last few years missed this autumn climax.

It’s a wonderful tapestry of purple, pink, contrast green, dash of yellow. The textures of these grasses. The light – side light is often the best – low in the sky on a sombre day, bright for ten minutes then gone.


Chorlton Meadows Autumn

Wednesday December 16, 2015