This grass area was the best I’ve ever seen it. A sumptuous display of pastels and texture. It was like a carefully planned garden but I don’t think that much care goes into it. Plant grasses, they’ll look good; but not the colours will blend and be spectacular in autumn.

This view is from a path up a bank behind which you find the River Mersey. I walked up and down for over thirty minutes watching the light, selecting shots, feasting on the lovely sight. I wasn’t feeling good that day. Those thirty minutes changed everything. I felt refreshed, nourished, content.

You find reports about the health benefits of nature with always the same theme. We don’t need to read about brain chemistry, the outward looking sensation of attraction, the physical effect of walking, the soothing experience of plants, trees, grass. We know it in a different way. We experience views and moments like this which have their own rhythms and orders of existence. That’s part of the therapy of nature.


Chorlton Meadows Tapestry

Sunday December 20, 2015