This path cuts across Chorlton Ees through the most scenic area. Autumn is by far the best time for it, although I wonder about the effect with snow. There was snow here a few years ago, but not much. I got a few photographs but not specifically here.

These flowers and grasses are cut down; possibly by the council although a contractor is more likely. The same recently occurred at Kenworthy Woods. It’s harsh when you see it but is evidently for a good reason. I don’t know what that is – but in the Peak District the same applies when heather is burnt. It’s presumably done very carefully to avoid fire spreading underground through the peat.

Fire was used here too about three years ago although it may have been arson. Someone told me it was to flush out pheasants. I’ve never seen or heard pheasants at Chorlton Ees but I’ve read reports from bird watchers. I also read about a strange individual who starts fires for fun. Earlier this year I noticed a patch of daisies had been burnt. I assumed it was for maintenance but perhaps not. You find them down this path on the right.


Willowherb Path

Wednesday December 23, 2015