I started photographing here in 2011. I was initially attracted to outdoor details of colour, light, grass, trees. It was a lovely place to discover. Then I developed a secondary theme which concerns tiny people illustrating the idea of place in nature: people and the natural world.

I used to practise so called street photography, still do occasionally, which is obviously very different. Those pictures are moments of social, psychological, or emotional drama. That raises questions about photographic relationship and subject involvement. You engage pictorially but are simultaneously detached. There’s a feeling of tension when you do that because you don’t know how or if the subject will react.

In addition to the theme of these shots, place in nature, I like the peaceful capture of people who are pictorially distant. There’s no emotion here. You make no connection with the person’s life. It is painterly, like a Breughel, where the scene is uppermost. This is my relationship too. I walk these places and experience nature as he does.


River Mersey: Flower Runner

Thursday December 24, 2015