I was surprised to find I enjoyed a Chorlton Ees autumn three years ago. I remembered in an instant when I saw the pictures. That made me think this year was especially fine for the colours. Good three years ago, stunning in 2015. I don’t watch the area that closely so I can’t say for sure. I visit when I feel like a walk, more than a photographic intent, unless the conditions are exceptional. Snow is one example and mist another.

This area has recently been cut. There are no grasses, no Willowherbs; only stubble remains. I’m not sure which paths would allow machinery access. Not sure either, what size it might be. Possibly it’s a small matter which could be driven here with ease.

It was pleasant to wander this area like a rough football field. I surveyed the poplars, bushes, other trees and views as a novel experience. I took photographs. I’d like the Willowherb back however, and the grasses, and look forward to that in spring.


Willowherb and Leaves

Tuesday December 29, 2015