Not far from here, at Chorlton Water Park, you find summer anglers in tents. I find the idea bizarre, in the middle of Manchester, spending a day or two beside an artificial lake. I don’t know long they do it. They probably catch very little. The point, rather, is to be outdoors.

Cyclists do it, bird watchers do it, and joggers. I consider other ways of being outdoors. Wild flower walks is one option I enjoy. I cycle, but don’t like rough stuff which means I travel the roads and Fallowfield Loop. I’ve tried a little sketching.

My favourite is big mountains like the Pyrenees, lesser mountains such as those of Scotland, Snowdonia, and the Lake District. The difference between those places and here at the River Mersey is immense. The common factor is being outdoors and being occupied.


Chorlton Meadows: River Mersey Running

Sunday January 10, 2016