Five minutes from here, autumn, you find a huge growth of Himalaya Balsam. Pretty but a pest. There are Butterbur along the River Mersey in spring. Daffodils nearby, celandines, bluebells under trees. There’s a story to these places. Coming, going; passing, recurring.

As a boy I had access to agricultural fields and woodland. I cycled Kent country lanes. I walked in search, with another boy, for a pond where you found newts. Except there weren’t any. Beside a railway line, not far from the school.

I wonder how much those moments instilled in me a feeling for nature. Probably very little because there is no line of interest finishing with walks through Scotland, across the Pyrenees, and here at Chorlton Ees.


Autumn Willowherb at Chorlton Meadows

Tuesday January 12, 2016