Edale has two pubs, three camp sites, a youth hostel further down the valley, several farm houses and a railway. If you live in Manchester or Sheffield you could escape the city, glide through the countryside, and alight in the heart of the Peak District. You might have a bicycle with you, lunch, and in summer perhaps a bottle of wine and blanket for the ground. Or maybe not. I’ve never seen that. More likely, a full set of waterproofs and flask of restorative tea.

It’s a very sweet place. From Manchester you drive up a steep road and cross the tops where, to your right, you find Mam Tor. You can park there and take that path. I did so a few years ago, and spoke with a former Mountain Rescue Team member. Kinder Scout, the other side of the valley, is an easy romp on a clear day. But I imagine, I said, it must be treacherous in mist or fog. He told me it is, and the team had numerous call outs for that reason.

I walked up this hill for this trip. I like the flat, muted colours evident on a winter afternoon. I like Edale. I like knowing it’s there.


Edale Hills

Tuesday February 23, 2016