Another shot from my Chorlton Meadows project depicting walkers immersed in nature. I love British hills. Nothing compares to a few days walking and camping in the Lake District, Snowdonia, Scotland, or your own favourite. The Yorkshire Dales perhaps, Northumberland, Peak District, South Downs or Dartmoor. Whichever kind of landscape you like, or wherever you can find it.

I can reach the Mersey Valley with a ten minute walk at Didsbury, five minute drive to Chorlton Water Park, or ten minute drive to Chorlton Ees.

There’s no comparison here with a wild camp and two day walk in a place where you might see no other person. I live in the city however, as most of us do, and nature reserves are a wonderful resource reminding me of something greater. Chorlton Ees is the same but less so.


Chorlton Ees Walking

Wednesday March 2, 2016