I didn’t expect to find many photographs this winter day. A large part of Chorlton Ees had been shorn of grass, in which a large mass of Rosebay Willowherb blossom in autumn. I liked the area when I saw it first, because you could wander around where it used to be impossible. In photographic terms it was diminished.

Despite that, I was surprised to see the grass and flower growth in other parts was still lovely. Subtle shades of textured brown and beige. Trees punctuating the effect. The poplars. Wandering people, like me, released from the city absorbing gentle impressions of nature.

Four young people, possibly students, walked ahead of me. One of them said it’s a cool water park. Chorlton Water Park is actually further down the valley. Sale Water Park is nearer, across the river. I enjoyed their appreciation of the place and considered their description. I wouldn’t use the word cool but agree with the sentiment.


Hidden People: Chorlton Ees

Wednesday March 2, 2016