I walk here in ten minutes. Down the quiet road, cross the busy road, down the exclusive road with large expensive houses. It’s like my back garden where I’m familiar with individual trees, patches of flowers and, most importantly, the changes of the year.

We’re on the edge of spring. It came, went, fought winter, came back. One week ago there was a cold and foul day with thick dark skies. You feel the difference, like the tilt of the earth, and know it’s finally gone: another British winter you want to finish. So it’s early, but yes spring is here.

I saw my first green alkanet, pentaglottis sempervirens, patches of celandines and the end of the snowdrops. In a few weeks this place will be luxuriantly green and lovely; quite amazing to see hidden behind streets.

The day was warm and sunny. The trees had sleepy bare branches, but there will soon be leaves.


Mersy Valley: Spring Trees

Monday March 14, 2016