On the right of this shot you see Rhinog Fach. Rhinog Fawr is to the left in the distance. You can’t see it. There’s a cutting between the hills. You arrive there across a soaking boggy area interesting for plants and flowers. I don’t know the name of the hill on the near left. I don’t bother much with names unless I have to. I relate to the hills in terms of shape, colour, sunshine, and the experience of a walk.

Cwm Nantcol parallels Cwm Bwychan. Both valleys cut into the Rhinogs, taking a separate direction a mile or so from Llanbedr. They’re wonderful valleys. Rough, craggy, wild. I’ve wandered Cwm Bwychan and found a few tracks to follow. Gnarled trees with bark like it’s battered by war. Water and bog and a feeling that no one has ever come here. A small lake with an astonishing flowering of exotic bogbean. The contrast is stark. Orchid like amidst rock.

It takes about thirty minutes to drive down Cwm Nantcol to the Rhinogs. Moelfre is to the right. A road goes that way. A few times, I’ve seen people walking the valley and I’ve considered the same. No doubt there are tracks to follow, paths and photographs to find.


Cwm Nantcol and the Rhinogs

Monday March 21, 2016