This is a few miles from Chorlton Meadows but I include the shot in the same project. I use the name ‘Chorlton Meadows’ poetically as well as literally. This is February 2015, very different to February 2016. Spring this year has been wintry, dark, and rainy. A burst of sunshine for a few days amidst prevailing gloom. Nothing more.

There’s much to like about this place, the River Mersey at West Didsbury. I walk here in ten minutes. You leave the city behind. One minute it’s cars, roads, buses, houses. Then a healthy looking river, birds, flowers, trees. It’s like my back yard. The feeling, I suppose, if you walk into your garden after a hard day at work. I don’t have a garden.

Spring is the best time here at the River Mersey. The green colour is astonishingly lovely with the new overhanging leaves. The snowdrops arrive – a patch not far from here – then the celandines, crocuses, a small number of daffodils, butterbur, bistort, green alkanet. Occasional ducks, pretty to watch when they drift along the water as a family.


Chorlton Meadows: Mersey Valley Spring

Friday March 25, 2016