Moelfre is a delightful hill between the Rhinogs and the sea. It’s an easy walk. The climb is steep and strenuous but doesn’t last too long. It’s become a favourite place. The views are marvellous because of the situation not the height. Such places don’t attract many people who always head for the summits. Glaramara is like that in the Lake District. Even the Pyrenees have those places, Pimene for example close to Gavarnie. Minor hills in Scotland are also ignored as everyone wants to summit the Munros. I recommend the Pap of Glencoe.

The Rhinog skyline is in the near distance. The Leyn Peninsula is beyond. Rhinog Fawr and Fach are to the right. Few people go there. Moelfre is even quieter. The Arenigs are behind the Rhinogs. I haven’t walked or camped there yet and plan to do so this year. That’s a rare treat for me – the exploration of a new area – although there are a few such places in Snowdonia. Wales is like that. You find areas which are not particularly distinctive, and for that reason they’re neither well known nor popular.

I like shots like this occasionally. There’s a watery, pastel, easy atmosphere which is one mood of hill walking. Some days are hazy and gentle without much drama. You can imagine the bird song.


Moelfre to Arenigs

Tuesday March 29, 2016