A wonderful walk, the second and final of this trip, breaking open spring at last. It’s been wintry and nasty. A sad experience not to enjoy spring and returning light, warmth, and flowers. Cold, dark, sleet, hail, and snowfall across the country. The day before this was cold and grey. Snow fell a few days later.

Back here again then, joy in a moment of sunshine, sea views one side and the Arenigs the other. When I arrive in this area, close to Harlech, I usually go to the beach to lie in the sun, read, settle myself after the drive. Connect with the place again. The returning familiarity is part of the pleasure. The beach village is called, if you can pronounce it, Llandanwg. Bungalow homes, a caravan park, a little cafe. Llanbedr is two miles further, at which point I strike up the road to the Cwm Nantcol camp site.

Three years ago, outside the cafe, a group of young people assembled at a minibus. Girls arriving in couples. Boys in louder groups of three or four. A solitary few struggling with rucksacks, sore feet, and fatigue. Teachers congratulated, cheered, said well done. How was it. Hard but I’m glad I did it. Well done. How are you. A lovely group, tired but happy, although it had clearly been an ordeal. One girl started to cry. The teacher soothed her, yes, yes, it’s OK, allowing her tears which she’d kept inside.


Snowdonia Hills: Rhinog Fach to Arenigs

Thursday April 28, 2016