The Ullswater valley is where I first fell in love with the Lake District. I’d been walking the Lakes for years but it was here I realised how much I liked it. I’ve had idyllic times in this area. On one occasion, over fifteen years ago, I had an important Saturday appointment. I returned to Manchester Friday night, then drove back to Ullswater Saturday afternoon to have some further holiday.

Helvellyn is the arguably the best walk in the area with the dramatic climb across Striding Edge, and a marvellous panorama at the plateau. I used to walk over to Nethermost Pike and return down Grizedale. Then I favoured a quicker descent down Swirral Edge. My preference now is a longer route across to Sheffield Pike, which is what I did this day.

In this shot you see Red Tarn below and Catsycam soaring up above it. I wild camped at Red Tarn some years ago.


Snow on Helvellyn

Wednesday May 11, 2016