This view is from the road which drops to Nant Gwynant. The approach road from Capel Curig is a marvellous drive. Down from here is too. It reminds me of Scotland where you drive for hours and barely seen anyone. That’s not true of Wales, although you get the same feeling in some areas. It’s a subtle idea but important: what happens in the psyche when we see only rock, hill, mountain? Among other things we find internal correspondence. Part of us is wild too.

You have the same outlook across to Snowdon from the Moelwyn area the other side of the valley, above Nant Gwynant. It’s a favourite place where I’ve wild camped about six times.

Snowdon is a beautiful mountain but scarred with the city. A hydroelectric pipe, the cafe, railway, hordes of tourists. Seagulls at the top screeching over scraps of scraps of flung sandwich. The best walk is the Snowdon horseshoe where you traverse Crig Goch and descend the other side which begins on the same track as the Watkin path down to Nant Gwynant. I did it perhaps ten years ago and found it very tiring.


Snowdon Light

Wednesday May 18, 2016