I saw my first Welsh poppies in Wales, three years ago I think. I saw quite a large patch of them at one place only in the Peak District, a few at Chorlton Water Park, a few outside a student house in Withington, and a few beside Princes Road at Burnage.

I found it curious they are associated with Wales in both name and location. The Snowdonia habitat, as such, is not distinct from many other places. I discussed this with a local and she said it’s probably because of acid soil.

I’ve loved poppies for many years. I used to have a poppy poster on my wall. The red are the finest: vibrant, bright, blood-like. I enjoy the yellow Welsh too, or orange as they also might be.

This is the Gwydir Forest near Betws-y-coed. It’s a wooded area which, although man made, is wonderfully scenic. I reached a place, minutes from here, where you look out across the forest over to Betws-y-coed. I thought of North American views, in the film Last of the Mohicans for example, and lovely areas in the Pyrenees. The outlook wasn’t photogenic however – that happens – and I liked these poppies enjoying the shade.


Snowdonia Flowers: Welsh Poppies

Saturday May 28, 2016