This was actually spring not summer but I walked in a vest, sandals and shorts. It’s the trend of recent British years. We have sporadic days adding up to a week or two of good weather early in the year and then, unfortunately, a mild but unpleasantly grey June, July, August. September is occasionally good too. The traditional notion of a ‘British summer’ barely exists.

I had a few days in the Lake District last year in the form of a winter trip to Borrowdale. The year before I had a few summer days at Wasdale which were mostly rainy. My feeling about the area started to change at Wasdale. Borrowdale revived me, but the sun and snow combination made it exceptional. For the rest of the time I’ve had numerous trips to Snowdonia where I got the feeling I wanted mixed with, as always, various day trips to the Peak District.

It’s almost reversed for me. I used to look at craggy and unkempt Wales hills thinking I wanted the smooth loveliness of the Lakes. Here in the Lakes I enjoyed the smooth shapely hills, but missed the crags of Moel Siabod, Cnicht, the Rhinogs. This was partly related to the feeling of Snowdonia as a get away place where you avoid tourist crowds. It’s not only aesthetics. It’s about associated mood and memory. On a good warm day, you can’t avoid the tourists in the Lakes.

The Lake District is however a very lovely area, with views like this and more. There are two lake walks which are particularly pleasant. Buttermere is one, Ullswater is the other.


Lake District Photography: Ullswater Summer

Friday June 3, 2016