The views from Helvellyn are some of the best in the Lake District. It’s a marvelous walk up Striding Edge and down Grizedale, Swirral Edge, or Sheffield Pike. For some years I chose Grizedale, which is a longer walk than climbing down Swirral. I slowly realised it was always very tiring and not very interesting. A long trek which in Scotland is described as a walk in, except in this case it was a walk out. I descended Swirral a few times, five perhaps, climbed it too, then decided the best route is across to Sheffield Pike.

There are good views in the other direction down to Windermere, over to Great Gable, and Borrowdale in the distance. It is however not a photogenic outlook. I’ve seen it perhaps twenty five times in all conditions, and it’s never worth a photograph.

As you can see these views are very photogenic. That’s Red Tarn below, Catsycam to the left, and Sheffield Pike on the far left. The wind struck up at this point. I heard forty miles an hour, which would explain why for five minutes I could barely walk.


Helvellyn Panorama

Friday July 22, 2016