Many years ago, before digital cameras, I came here with a Pentax P30T. My film was Kodachrome 200 ASA. I walked up the hillside on the right on a hazy and humid day, battling through bracken and fern. I looked down to Brotherswater and over to High Street. It was a new experience.

When I look at views like this now they are filled with memories. Walking at Kentmere, gazing longingly at High Street and down to the area here. Sleeping once in a barn at Hartsop, which is a little nearby hamlet. I wanted to stay another night but had nowhere to sleep. I didn’t camp for many years, and had regular bed and breakfast habits. My favourite in this area used to be a farmhouse below Saint Sunday Crag. She stopped offering that service, which was fourteen pounds a night, and I found another farmhouse favourite down the valley.

This was an easy day without much walking. The skies were overcast and I didn’t feel like pushing out against the weather. I like the weather to support me. I like sunshine. Apart from anything else, a land drained of colour is a dull photographic prospect. In the late afternoon however – it’s not uncommon – sunshine cut underneath the clouds and you could again see colour. I like Brotherswater. It’s a quiet lake for a quiet afternoon.

The Side Farm camp site beside Ullswater is where I now like to sleep. That’s where I camped for this trip.



Wednesday August 3, 2016